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You know the feeling of the first few days of a new job, not quite sure what it is you’re supposed to be doing at any given time. As I found myself in this situation a few months ago, sitting at my desk, with no computer yet, I resorted to drawing. I mean, it got me through school didn’t it…literally. Drawn on found cardstock scrap. I find doodling on odd sized scrap of various paper to be most rewarding.





glossy plotter paper

I enjoy discovering different papers and textures to draw on. Sometimes I’ll pick up a piece of junk mail, chipboard packaging or in this case, a scrap piece of glossy paper from the plotter from my past employment. When they would print out packaging mock-ups they would have lots of scraps that would get thrown away. I’d keep the good pieces and use them for doodling and such. It’s interesting to see how different pens, pencils and markers react to different materials. I found this 36″ wide by 15″ tall scrap and took a black Prismacolor marker to it and drew these guys. The marker put down a solid, jet black stroke. The contrast of the black marker on the bright white paper was nice! I noticed that the strokes would have to be pretty quick to avoid the squeaky, sticky action you get with glossy paper. I have also noticed since I drew these (about 2 months ago), that the marker has begun to fade, especially at the ends of the strokes. It kind of turns brown as it fades.