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Daily Doodle

I’ve tried many times and have had a hard time keeping an actual sketchbook. I do much better with loose sheets of paper, partly because I can’t stand ┬ánot drawing on a flat surface. The binding makes it awkward as well as my hand partially hanging off of the edge of hundreds of sheets of stacked paper. I wish I enjoyed it more, because I love having/seeing a bound collection of misc. drawings all contained within a nice little sketchbook. But try as I might I always end up drawing on single sheets of paper, usually just 8.5″ x 11″ and always in landscape orientation. So what I’ve ended up with is a ton of loose sheets of paper that I plan on somehow binding at some point in time. Maybe I’ll start making ‘yearbooks’ of drawings…that would be nice. This page is the result of a recent day’s doodles. This was done on normal bond paper with a red Pilot G2.